Monday, April 27, 2015

Feature spotlight: Opening hours for trade advertisements

Judging when a trader is online and how long it will take for him to reply can be a challenge at times, so we created a new feature for traders that we’re hoping will make this less of a pain. 

While creating new trade advertisements or editing existing ones, traders can now see a new section called Opening hours, where they can set start and end times for each day of the week. This allows traders to set opening hours on a day-by-day basis for when they accept trade offers from customers. 

Outside of the opening hours set, trade adverts will be hidden from public view. Traders can use this feature to only show trade adverts when they are able to actively process offers, making it easier to buy or sell coins without having to guess how soon a trader will reply to your offer.

How to set up
A screenshot showing the new feature on the website.

To set up opening hours for a new trader advertisement scroll down to the opening hours section of the Create a bitcoin trade advertisement page. Here you’ll see a list of every day of the week and two drop-down menus. The left one sets the time (in your timezone) when you want your trade adverts to appear on the site. The right one sets the time when you want your trade adverts to be hidden away from view. 

You can change your timezone by editing your profile.

Once you’ve created a trade advertisement you can change your opening hours at any time by editing the advertisement. 

Happy bitcoining!

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