Friday, June 21, 2013

Bitcoin Exchange Berlin - Local Exchanging Event

Want to trade local, but in more massive style? Satoshi square made that already in New York, US. Now Bitcoin Exchange Berlin is doing the same in Berlin. will be sponsoring the event, promoting local bitcoin exchanging. In the future we might also otherwise support this kind of trading events with website features and advertisements.

The event will be held on 29th June, Saturday in Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin.


  1. When will you make it easier to promote local events, not necessarily for exchange only.

    I want to invite to my Bitcoin Forum next week in ViƱa and you know exactly who is nearby. People should be able to follow each-other, blog and pay for extra-reach (why not charge to get my message into the stream of the nearest 100 non-followers)

    1. Thanks for the idea. We have plans for location-based advertisement for more general businesses & events. This kind of feature would be suitable for these local exchanging events as well.

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