Monday, August 25, 2014

Buying and Selling Steam, Amazon, Apple etc Gift Cards on

Gift cards are a nice way to buy stuff froom your favourite store, which doesn't accept bitcoin yet. There has been some gift card trading on LocalBitcoins, but now we have added couple of new features which should make gift card trading much easier.
Contacters can select the amount with dropdown.

Several Gift Card types have been added, you can also select the generic option and name your own.

Type the nominations as comma-separated list.

Remember to add "Track liquidity" to remove your sellable amount automatically as orders roll in.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Happy trading!


  1. this could be interesting for halcashs trades also

    , thanks

  2. Don't trust Nexus aka Chis, he is a thief and has stolen thousands of $$ of Bitcoins from users everywhere … check bitcointalk for more info


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