Monday, March 10, 2014

List your Bitcoin ATM on LocalBitcoins

Starting from today you can list the locations of Bitcoin ATMs (automatic teller machines) on LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins wants to see the Bitcoin ecosystem growing and we believe ATMs are one important part of in the process of making Bitcoin more consumer friendly.

Buying Bitcoins with cash is safe and easy making LocalBitcoins popular service among the first-time Bitcoin buyers. LocalBitcoins has cash trading activity already in 5000 cities, so advertising your Bitcoin ATM on the site brings good visibility for the machine.

As the writing of this, LocalBitcoins has Bitcoin ATM advertisements e.g. in Helsinki, Singapore, Zurich, Alberta and Boston.
  • Bitcoin ATMs will show up on the map with other cash trades (see ATM in the listing).
  • All ATM models supported (Lamassu, Robocoin, etc.)
  • When setting up an advertisement, separate buy and sell advertisements are required, as all ATM models do not support both functions.
  • Setting up an advertisement is free.
You can find the Create ATM advertisement button under the Dashboard of your user profile on LocalBitcoins site. Here is the direct link for creating a Bitcoin ATM advertisement.

Pricing information is not available yet, so the Bitcoin exchange rates are not shown for ATMs.

Monday, March 3, 2014

LocalBitcoins Responds To The Ukraine/Russia Crisis

Is your country going to war, and your national currency value is dropping like bomb? Or is your country in crisis, and the banks are implementing currency controls? Only able to withdraw $100 cash per day?

You know the solution... Check it out below.

Bitcoin sellers/buyers in Russia
Bitcoin sellers/buyers in Ukraine

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