Friday, January 10, 2014

#BitcoinAfrica tour completed at South Africa!

Borja & Elvis managed to find a trader buying Bitcoin in South Africa! That means that the Bitcoin Africa tour is completed quite succesfully. Bitcoin knowledge was spread to many new countries. Exchanges were made at least in South Africa, Namibia, Togo, Morocco, Cameroon and others.

Picture tells more than words:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LocalBitcoins API 3.0 — Extended trading and wallet automation

Hello developers,

I've just poured some well-deserved love into the LocalBitcoins API, bumping it to version 3.0. Here's the beef (change log):

- Trade contact messaging, both reading and writing are now supported by the official API
- Trade contacts can be canceled and disputed when eligible
- Together with mark payment complete support recently these features complete the actions that can be done with existing contacts
- Ability to create new contacts with API is coming soon!
- Wallet API support. Balance can be read and recent transactions can be inspected. Bitcoins can be sent from the wallet using a special permission. Existing access tokens will not have send access, but new tokens can request this permission from the user.
- Ad editing API now has equivalent fields to the website form. There is a new ad creation API.
- Authentication code was overhauled

Read up about the entire API and how to start using it at the up-to-date API documentation.

With the new LocalBitcoins API it is possible to automate ad-driven Bitcoin trading. In the future there will also be an official API to automate contact making.

Happy trading!