Thursday, December 5, 2013

Automate Bitcoin Cash-Outs via LocalBitcoins API

As it takes ages to get money from mtgox and some other exchanges, there are opportunities for providing speedy "cash-out" services to the Bitcoin community. Recently we added some features to LocalBitcoins which makes acting as a liquidity provider easier and more streamlined.

First feature is account details validation. At first this functions for SEPA cashouts. The form validates account details, so that the buyer saves the hassle of checking the proper format. This validation has been added to some other payment methods as well, and will be extended.

The other feature is API functions for getting online buying contacts, and marking them complete. These methods can be used to automate online buying on LocalBitcoins.

For listing online buying:
For marking the payment as complete:

We will be also providing bounties to people who write open source automation scripts for different payment methods. More on those later.

Happy trading!


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