Friday, November 8, 2013

Bitcoin Revolution Spreads to Togo! #BitcoinAfrica

After reading the following trip report I can just say WOW! It is awesome how the information about new technology is spreading, and even more awesome when people are so quick to see the benefit for them.

Below is quote from Elvis, who is helping Borja on the #BitcoinAfrica tour.

"I'm Elvis, the travel mate of Borja and I am also helping with the bitcoin project. Today I will be sharing the last stories until Cotonou (Benin) where we arrived today.
We crossed Burkina Faso in just 2 days, after being in Mali where we had an amazing experience, kind people, beautiful scenery, Burkina was quite a change for us.
People were friendly sometimes and the scenery was nice in the north but after the capital it changed a lot and we didn't even stop for a single picture.

But luckily things changed again, after entering in Togo I felt for the first time that I was in the real Africa, the dense forests, tall trees, no tarmac and the people seem very nice and friendly. The border crossing was fast and easy and no bribes.

We started driving trough the big dust of the big trucks crossing the pistes of orange soil, it was beautiful but after 30Km and the sun going down the visibility was pour so we decided to stop and look for a place to sleep.
The scenery was great around us and we spotted a little tribe with bambo/mud houses so we quickly decided to approach the chef of the tribe and ask for permission to camp with them. After talking in their local language and many people giving their opinion they said yes.

The chef initially told us to sleep in his house with his 2 wife's but they had suck a nice big tree in the back so we mounted the tents there and during the process of mounting everything we had half of the tribe looking at us, amazed with our gear and us, the way people looked at us was funny, all the kind of reactions and I believe some of them never seen a white person or motorbikes like ours.

So after a long day we had to shower and we pretty much showered around the manual water pump in the middle of the field and it was already dark, but it was better than many crappy hotels we were.

The sky was amazing, for the first time we saw it so clear and full of stars and after a nice meal time to recharge batteries.

Next day we headed south and Borja was unlucky with another puncture, but all good and we quickly found a "mechanic" to fix it. During the process we had the opportunity to listen to the stories of some people that were surrounding us and we were amazed with the difficulties that this people have to make a living. So we share some ideas and explain them how things work in Europe and they kept saying, "This is Africa"! A place with loads of corruption and where you need to have contacts to be able to accomplish your business goals.
So it was a good opportunity to explain about BitCoin and they were amazed and some of them even wrote down the website of localbitcoins.

Pucture fixed and we headed to Lomé and found a place at the beach. We stayed a few days to service the bikes and some administration. We also visit the Fetish Market, only white magic is what they say and visited the waterfalls in Kpalimé, all very nice experience.

During our stay, we luckily found a person interested in buying bitcoins and it was a pleasant transaction, just a few delays due the Internet, (we had dinner while the trade was done) in Africa you need to be very patient.

So this is it, we just arrived in Cotonou and more stories will follow."
Up to date, the success rate for spreading Bitcoin to Africa has been pretty good! Please if you know any people willing to exchange from the next locations, contact Borja on LocalBitcoins or create your own ad to your country for free.

Benin -Cotonou
Cameroon -Douala
Nigeria -Abuja
 Republic of Congo -Brazzaville
Democratic Republic of Congo -Kinshasha
Angola -Luanda
Namibia -Windhoek
Bostwana -Gaborone
South Africa-Cape Town