Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bitcoins Exchanged succesfully in Mali #BitcoinAfrica

Our Africa motorcycler and Bitcoiner, Borja reported a new exchange story from Africa, this time from Mali.

"We just arrived to burkina faso, and crossed an incredible border from Mali. 3 really kind polices and thats all, they did it very easy and without bribes. Asking us about the trip and smiling all the time.
We had today quite a hard day, we had two punctures in my bike, first one in my front tyre and when i realized it was too late, very difficult to control and i fell, around 70km/h
Everything ok! Really good luck.
After fixing the first puncture, with the help of two guys that saw us and came to help. I had another puncture, this time of my back tyre, and with better luck, I felt it before it was too late. 
Before that in Mali,we where a bit scared with the news of Al Qaeda and the Touregs in the north, and we discovered an amazing country. Everybody smiling, saying "bonjour" every time you cross with someone, in the road, everybody saying hello with their hands and supporting us. The south of the country was so beautiful, a lot more water and trees than what we thought. A bit more to the north the city of Djenné (World Heritage) with a really beautiful mosque made of mud, the biggest in the world, and was made around 1180.
We were for 3 days in Bamako, visiting our friend "Curro" that works there for a spanish company.
He never heard before about bitcoin and we explained what it was, and he is so interested, so he opened a new account, he let us money for that three days, and we are going to pay him in bitcoins. There and in many other countries people use FRANC CFAS."

Next steps on the trip:
Burkina faso -Ouagadougou 
Togo -Lomé
Benin -Cotonou
Cameroon -Douala
Nigeria -Abuja
 Republic of Congo -Brazzaville
Democratic Republic of Congo -Kinshasha
Angola -Luanda
Namibia -Windhoek
Bostwana -Gaborone
South Africa-Cape Town
If you are in these country or know a willing exchanger from these countries, please contact Borja on LocalBitcoins or create your own ad to your country for free.

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