Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tune up your Bitcoin trading with market-based pricing

Hey traders,

If you've ever dug deeper in our ad options, you may have found the price equation field. The innocuous premium field above actually creates a basic, functional price equation for the ad. That's where the magic happens. But how to improve on the equation? Maximizing risk and profit, or playing it safe? Perhaps even both?

Price equations as used on have been somewhat of an arcane art so far, especially for advanced use.

We don't like features that don't create value for us and our customers. In part of this effort to suck less, we've just published a guide to using price equations more effectively. Although it is mostly a technical reference at this time, I hope it will be useful! As always, we will consider any feedback to improve our service.


  1. Much needed and long overdue. Thanks.

  2. Do you know any way to get a 24h, 7d, or 30d moving average for bitstampusd?


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