Friday, July 5, 2013

Automate your trading with LocalBitcoins API

Tired of checking your accounts manually? Now it is possible to automate your trading processes using the LocalBitcoins API.

Currently you can get the list of your active escrows, and release escrows. This functionality is enough to automate the online selling process. Online buying process automation will come later. Read the documentation here and get your API keys. There is small example attached, which shows how to authenticate and use the API using python programming language.

Are you a programmer and capable of implementing the automation script for a specific payment method? We are giving out 2 BTC bounties for each new payment method automation script, which is published on github. Only 10 first, however, and suitable README should be included about how to use the script. Also we will review if the code looks clean and trustable. If you manage to develop a script, contact us at so we will reward you the bounty after examination.

We are especially interested in scripts, that automate the popular payment methods used on

Happy automated trading!


  1. Need for more infos (Scripting language? Platform? Are these scripts to do stand-alone or interact with some CMS? Framework?) and as well to know where in github i have to upload them. Avalaible immediately, of course.

    1. Hi, you can use any scripting language/platform etc. However if the script is tied to some paid product, I think it is not feasible/useful for this target group. The idea of the script is to be useful for traders, so that it automatizes the work related to the trading - eg. checking accounts and references.

    2. Hi, also please note the original spec "We are giving out 2 BTC bounties for each new payment method automation script, which is published on github.". This means that the script should automate a new payment method, outside of We don't care much about dummy API wrappers etc., because the API should be pretty easily usable without wrappers (any somewhat modern scripting language probably has oauth2 library etc.).

  2. Is this bounty still available?


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