Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday API update

Hey developers!

We've received lots of good feedback on our API. That's a really good reason to pay attention to how useful it is.

Particular attention was paid to the Escrow API that now provides amounts for each escrow. I hope that'll make trading life easier. The API now also supports OAuth2 better, with bearer tokens supported.

The API documentation was also updated to reflect the minor enhancements and corrections implemented. Please direct your concerns about the API either to our forums (public) or support (private).

P.S. Special shout-out to this gem of an API client! Gems are the fancy name for Ruby packages.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Private and Trusted Trading on

Ever wanted to convert customers met and identified in person into long-term online trading partners? Or have good prices for and from your friends? It is now possible to do private trading as well on! 

By leaving a Trustworthy feedback after a trade, you actually add that trading partner to the Trusted whitelist. You and your trading partners can make Trusted only advertisements which show up only to trusted buyers in the trusted offers page ( login required). Trusted offers page is also available in the top bar when you're logged in. With the advertisement available only to known and reliable partners, there are many benefits.
  • Special pricing and terms for your highly-valued trading partners/customers
  • High-risk payment methods such as paypal to trusted traders
  • Liquidity to your trusted trading partners
These advertisements don't show to anyone else but trusted buyers. You can change your trust of another person anytime from his profile page using the feedback form. You need to have finished at least one trade to leave the initial feedback.

After I work out the kinks in trusted trading, I'll be rolling out an alternate way to enable trust on people you know personally without committing in a trade first.

Regional and trading bitcoin discussion forums opened

We has just opened our new discussion forums at

The purpose of forums are many-fold

The mobile friendly forum platform is based on the technology from

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bug regarding advertisements in African countries fixed

There was a bug, which prevented users from creating ads to many African countries, and other small countries around the world. The bug should be fixed now, and adding advertisements should work now. You can add advertisements using the "Post a trade" button in the upper bar.

African countries are very important to us. If you are planning to set up an exchange to some new location, and are having a problem, drop us a message at our forums:!/general-discussion

Friday, July 5, 2013

Automate your trading with LocalBitcoins API

Tired of checking your accounts manually? Now it is possible to automate your trading processes using the LocalBitcoins API.

Currently you can get the list of your active escrows, and release escrows. This functionality is enough to automate the online selling process. Online buying process automation will come later. Read the documentation here and get your API keys. There is small example attached, which shows how to authenticate and use the API using python programming language.

Are you a programmer and capable of implementing the automation script for a specific payment method? We are giving out 2 BTC bounties for each new payment method automation script, which is published on github. Only 10 first, however, and suitable README should be included about how to use the script. Also we will review if the code looks clean and trustable. If you manage to develop a script, contact us at so we will reward you the bounty after examination.

We are especially interested in scripts, that automate the popular payment methods used on

Happy automated trading!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trading Bitcoins using M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania

We have added M-PESA option to traders in Kenya and Tanzania. M-PESA is a very popular payment method in those countries. If M-PESA to Bitcoin traders begin to emerge, it will mean effortless and friction-free connection from Kenya and Tanzania to the global economy, and low-cost remittance.

Currently there are no M-PESA traders on, but we hope to attract more soon. If you know someone who would be interested doing this kind of trade, note that we have a new affiliate program. This means that you can earn commission from the fees of traders you refer to

Happy global trading!