Tuesday, April 16, 2013

International message and email delivery updates

Hi! My name is Andrei and I have had the pleasure to join the LocalBitcoins.com team recently as a software developer.  Now I have happy news for all of you.

We have fixed some outstanding issues related to handling email and communications between exchange transaction participants in LocalBitcoins.com system. Now email delivery is more reliable, international characters are less likely to get skewed in the process. We also enhanced anonymization of email exchange, so that all email addresses in message bodies are automatically hidden when you reply to exchange messages, so that you cannot leak out your email address accidentally. The privacy of our users is utmost important for us.

If you have any idea how we can make the service better for you please don't hesitate to contact us at support@localbitcoins.com.


  1. Welcome! It's good to see LocalBitcoins growing.

  2. I think the next step is to PGP sign all messages coming from LB, with the option to encrypt them for the recipient.

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