Monday, January 21, 2013

UK Lloyds bank faster payments having problems

Information for our users from United Kingdom: Lloyds is having problems with faster payments. This might affect some customers, who are using the online selling feature in UK.


Monday, January 7, 2013 advertisements mistakenly removed!

Recently we have been getting lots of complaints from unresponsive advertisers. In response to this, we implemented the following:

- After 30 days from last login, warning email is sent- After 37 days from last login, advertisement is disabled.

This was clearly a mistake, since after that we got complaints from real sellers whose ads were real. The problem is that last login is pretty bad indicator - it is possible to conduct the trades without logging in to localbitcoins via the email system etc.

Anyway, we try to put in a better system. We are sorry for everyone whose ads were deleted mistakenly.

If your ad was mistakenly deleted, you have to create it again. Sorry for the incident.