Wednesday, October 24, 2012 new fee structure

There will be a new a new storage fee for wallets with balance over 12 BTC. The fee will be exactly 0.0335% (0.0335 percent) of the wallet balance, deducted once in a day. For one month (30 days) this equals roughly 1%.

The fee will be effective after 25th november, 2012, 00:00 UTC. For newly created wallets, the fee will be effective immediately.

Note that this affects you only if you store more than 12 BTC in your wallet.

For storing larger sums of bitcoins, we recommend paper wallets. These can be easily created using . One of the coming features of will be a better integration with offline paper wallets.

Additionally, because of large amounts of incoming transaction spam, the outgoing transaction fee is raised to 0.003 BTC per transaction. This will also be effective on 25th november.

Our goal with is to provide the easiest and fastest way to use bitcoins, and to help people to get started with bitcoins.


  1. Does the fee get charged after 24 hours, at midnight, or something else?
    If I deposit 100BTC in at 6PM PST, and withdraw 99BTC at 6AM the next day will I be charged anything other then the transfer fee?

  2. Brian, the deposit gets charged once in a day, around 10am~UTC. The time might change in the future, but there is always at least 23h timespan between charges.

  3. Thanks jeremias.
    Just to be clear, if someone deposits at 9AM and withdraws at 11AM they will be charged (assuming the time for the charge stays at 10AM). Correct?


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