Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now you can connect your bitcoin-otc ratings to your profile

We just have made it possible to connect your bitcoin-otc account to your profile. Only the bitcoin address authentication support is currently enabled. However, it is trivial to add a bitcoinaddress to your bitcoin-otc profile.

If you already are authenticated on bitcoin-otc using bitcoin address, just go to your profile and follow the instructions. It should me less than 5 minute process, if you are using the standard bitcoin client.

If you are using only gpg authentication, you can easily enable bitcoin address based authentication with the following commands to the gribble bot:

<get the signature from your bitcoin client>

After adding the bitcoin address, just go to your localbitcoins profile and follow the instructions. Essentially you sign the message provided by, and via that action you can prove that you are have the access to the specified bitcoin-otc profile.

Why to connect your bitcoin-otc profile to localbitcoins, then? You get all your bitcoin-otc feedback listed in your profile, which will add your credibility. Also you will get some nice badge to your listings in the future (we haven't yet implemented this).


  1. site says 'Use bitcoin client to sign the message in bold below. ' but i dont see the msg.

  2. That's weird. The message should be there in bold, and look something like "lbtc" . Send your username to and we will look at your issue.

    Many people seem to have connected their OTC accounts now, so it seems to be working.

  3. its working now. :)


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