Monday, August 13, 2012

Bitcoin cash exchangers already in 60 countries, almost 200 cities!

We are really happy with the global reach has achieved in the short time we have been developing the site. It is nice to see, that we have advertisers now from even countries such as Ghana, Malaysia, Venezuela and Cambodia, where Bitcoin could be really useful.

We made a simple statistics page, where we collect up-to-date statistics from

We are very excited with the positive feedback we have received for the site, and we are working on new features full time. This week our goal is to make the site translation-ready, so we can start making the site more useful for people from non-english countries as well.


  1. I'm really liking the site and dont hesitate to recommended it. It is filling a highly needed gap in the bitcoin economy.

  2. Because each person sets the rate that they charge, this is an opportunity to provide a small income.

    This income to the "exchange agent" is what allowed M-PESA in Kenya to grow so fast.

    This local trading may become a global cottage industry.


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